Second Vision Podcast

An interview with Pat Alva-Kraker author of “Katherine’s Quest what it is like to lead an empowered life. The healing power of new beginnings.

TownSquare Talk

A series of on-line talk shows created by Pat Alva-Kraker, Majestic Coaching Group, and Pearl Peng, Benchmark Maven, two heart-centered entrepreneurial women who want to empower people and make a positive impact during the COVID-19 Lock-downs & Beyond. Click here for featured guests, topics and registration.


12/9/2020: Reflection and Goal Setting for 2021


11/18/2020: Yummy Holiday Foods with a Twist

10/28/2020: The Power and Misconceptions of Yoga

9/30/2020: Pause, Reflect, Pivot

8/26/2020: Summer Updates & Fall Preview 

7/1/2020: Financial Security & Success in the Midst of Chaos

6/24/2020: Attract & Captivate Your Ideal Clients Using Photography

6/16/2020: The New Normal of Book Launches

6/9/2020: Reflection and Path Forward

6/2/2020: The Vulnerability Advantage

5/19/2020: Benefits of Therapeutic Music

5/12/2020: Alone Together: Navigating Today’s Relationships

5/5/2020: Do’s & Don’ts of Working at Home

4/28/2020: The Magic of Hypnotherapy

4/21/2020: Increase Your Immunity with Dr. Lori Smiskol

Premier 4/14/2020: Introducing TownSquare Talk with Calming Breathing Exercises

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