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Coaching, Empowerment, and Inspiration for female entrepreneurs in Construction, IT and Real Estate Industries

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Welcome to Majestic Coaching Group! Founded by Pat Alva-Kraker (formerly Alva-Green), all services are tailored towards empowering female entrepreneurs who are professionals in the IT field. The Joyful Journey to Entrepreneurship program is tailored to provide clients with a proven system for success. Furthermore, Pat has more than 35 years of experience in the IT industry and has leveraged that knowledge to create a program that can help women in all stages of their professional – and personal – lives. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our website and contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

Are You Leading a Double Life?

Do feel like you are two different people? The “business you” and the “real you?”

Are you an ex-corporate engineer, techie or IT professional who’s started your own business to follow your heart? Yet… you’re afraid to break out of the ‘corporate’ mode?

Perhaps you feel that ‘looking professional’ is more important, and this holds you back  from allowing ‘all of who you are’ to emerge. You long for the spiritual side of you to come out, but… it’s scary! In corporate you’d never walk into a meeting and talk about your ‘gut feel!’ 

You know you have more to offer with this emerging sense of intuition and spirituality, but you’re not sure how to merge the two. Ignoring your intuition, your spiritual side and parts that don’t make sense on an Excel spreadsheet creates discontent and suppressed emotions that show up in our bodies, and our results. 

You started your business for a reason….

To follow your calling and bring ‘all of who you are’ to the table! Are you ready to stop holding back?


  • Using your intuition and technical chops, your special sauce, to deliver the high value solutions that you ‘know’ your clients need…without the stress. 
  • Be ‘fully’ yourself in your business. 
  • Charging more for your work because you are using your most valuable gifts. 
  • Combining your experience and skills with ‘out of the box’ thinking, creativity and spiritual wisdom to create unparalleled results. 
  • Being free to say what you ‘really’ think and use what you ‘know’ works best. 
  • Making better decisions because you allow your intuition, or even your spiritual connection to guide you. 
  • Being sought after in your field because you are different! 
  • Having more energy because you are ‘in the flow.’ 
  • Feeling empowered, at ease, energized and more confident because your are in alignment.

You have unique gifts! Hiding them is costing you! Let’s uncover your gifts and integrate them together.

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Pat Alva-Kraker

Pat Alva-Kraker

Owner/Founder Majestic Coaching Group

Business Wealth Coach | Speaker | Author | Strengths Finder Facilitator

5 Steps to Scaling Your Business Consciously

“Are You a Woman Who Started Your Own Business to Follow Your Heart and Are You Ready for Your Next Level Strategy?”

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Interesting Facts About Female Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re at the beginning stages of starting your own business, or a seasoned business owner, Majestic Coaching Group offers solutions to help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing. Likewise, you will always have a strong supporter and champion when you work with Pat.

Pat Alva-Kraker is focused on working with female entrepreneurs, creating a roadmap to success in mind, body, spirit, and business. She’s been where you are – RIGHT NOW – and understands the complexities and rewards of being a female business owner.

Don’t settle for just getting by. Allow Pat to help you find the joy you deserve in life, and in business!

There Can Be Joy In Business!

Experience. Insight. Compassion. Commitment.

I’m Pat Alva-Kraker and I’ve been where you are. I was a STEM corporate soldier stuck in a cubicle. I knew there was more I was here to do than analyze customer requirements, manage projects and budgets.

I left IBM, then Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to launch Majestic Coaching Group. In the transition, I brought empowering and disempowering habits with me.  I was still burning the candle at both ends, analyzing and strategizing rather than feeling, and doubting my own value.

I had some success, but it wasn’t until I embraced all of me that I actually created freedom and a business that supports the lifestyle I desired. This includes honoring my strong intuition and trusting my obvious spiritual gifts I’d been hiding from.

Today, I teach my clients to use their intuition, connect to their higher self and come from a place of self-trust to make their life and business decisions.

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Ready for Financial and Lifestyle Freedom? I help women like you to create the life they desire!

I Want to Start My Own Business

Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your goals! Pat’s years of experience in the IT industry allow female entrepreneurs to move forward with confidence and insight while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Whether you participate in one of Pat’s women’s mastermind groups or choose one-on-one coaching, you will receive tools and skills to enable your business to hit the ground running! Don’t let fear hold you back any longer! Click below to see how Majestic Coaching Group can help!

I'm an Experienced Business Owner

You understand the high demands and stress that can accompany owning your own business. Majestic Coaching Group offers proven methods to female entrepreneurs just like you. Our program enables you to grow your business while taking care of yourself. Pat came into the IT industry when there were few women in the field. Growing her own business has given Pat the experience and skills to help seasoned female entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level with her coaching program.

Specialized Retreats for Burnout and Stress

Stress and burnout can take a heavy toll, both emotionally and physically. Majestic Coaching Group offers self-care retreats that allow you to rest and recharge while mastering new skills to grow your business. Attending an entrepreneur retreat with like-minded professional women will help you develop business ideas while refining your ability to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Don’t let stress and burnout weigh you down. It’s time to learn how to take care of you, so you can take care of your business!

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