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Since every woman is as different as her needs and wants, the systems and coaching programs are customized by Pat Alva-Kraker and Majestic Coaching Group for each entrepreneur, and her specific level of entrepreneurial experience.

Do You Want to Start Your Own Business?

The Joyous Journey to Entrepreneurship system was designed for the female entrepreneur who has a dream of starting her own business but is unsure of where to begin.

Pat will work with you to identify and define your goals. Discovering your passion and vision is the first step in your journey.

During this process, Pat will help you to overcome the mental barriers that are holding you back, provide support and guidance, and get you ready to start your own business.

Throughout the process, Majestic Coaching Group will assist you in defining your target client base and help to create a unique product or service that is in demand.

Are You a Business Owner Suffering from Burnout?

Perhaps you are unable to balance your work and personal life. Maybe you’ve lost your passion for your business, and are struggling to adapt to changing life circumstances; whether it’s increased competition in your market or significant life events that have shaken your foundation. Work burnout is a very real and serious condition, with mental and physical repercussions,

Pat has been where you are and understands the internal struggles you’re facing daily. Majestic Coaching Group’s new program, Viva Vitality was designed specifically for female entrepreneurs who need to see their businesses with a new, 10,000-foot view. This program provides targeted modules and topics centering on successful business management and ownership, while also practicing methods to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with other like-minded professional women. Additionally, Majestic Coaching Group offers specialized self-care retreats designed with the professional female entrepreneur in mind.

5 Steps to Scaling Your Business Consciously

“Are You a Woman Who Started Your Own Business to Follow Your Heart and Are You Ready for Your Next Level Strategy?”

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