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Our business retreats are not just a break from your business. Business retreats are a chance to rest, relax, and relate to other like-minded business owners. Pat has not only experienced, but endured,  multiple life events that required her to step back and reevaluate her priorities, goals, and vision. Her retreats consist of activities and modules that not only focus on your business but on your mind, body, and spirit.

Majestic Coaching Group offers more than just a business retreat; it’s a self-care retreat that can help you recover from burnout and stress. You are your the most valuable asset to your business, and taking time to step away from the day-to-day responsibilities is an enormous investment; both in your business and in you.

Business retreats are an opportunity to reorganize, refine, and most of all rediscover why you started in the first place. Just a few of the benefits of business retreats for female entrepreneurs include: 

  •  Taking stock of your business. When you are consumed with work and feeling overwhelmed, it is difficult or even impossible to see solutions. When you break away and have the opportunity to step back, you gain the ability to see the big picture of your business, what needs to change, and how to change the way you think, in order to keep your business going and live a stress-free life.
  • Getting time to yourself. It is hard to think about taking your business to the next level when you’re bogged down with the day to day tasks of just doing your job. Stepping back gives you a chance to think about your needs, wants, and plans for the future of your business.
  • Getting time with others. Time spent with others may not be exactly what you think of when you think of a retreat, but there is a significant benefit to being around like-minded individuals who can relate to your experience as a business owner. This gives you comfort that you’re not alone.
  • Gaining valuable insight. Sharing your experience and listening to the experiences of other business owners leads to new perspectives about problems and common business pitfalls. This open dialogue and communication will inevitably lead to new perspectives, strategies, and solutions previously unseen.
  • Giving back to your business. The knowledge and insight you gain from a retreat is an invaluable investment back in to your business.




Pat has experienced many ups and downs, both professionally and personally. Her experiences allow her to share helpful insight, resources, and advice through her writing. Click below to visit her blog to read more!


Pat understands the difficulty in not only transitioning from corporate America to being a small business owner, she understands the hurdles one must overcome to be successful. Click to read Pat’s story.


Pat has a proven system that will help you create a business framework for success and provide you with methods to maintain a stable work/life balance! Click below to read more about Majestic Coaching Group’s system!

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