Have you had a day where you have said “I hope to not have another day like this” or “I wish all my days were like this”? We all have those days.

Some days we live our day from the neck up. Our mind chatter dictates our mood or how we feel about ourselves. Our chatter instills a lack of confidence and we play small, make decisions from fear or worse take no action at all. The bummer part about it is that sometimes we are unaware that this is happening. Each morning we get to start brand new and be conscious and intentional about our day. I love it!

Have you had that kind of day when you wake up feeling rested, positive and full of energy? You connect with what truly matters and your decisions throughout your day come from this place. There’s this wonderful and peaceful place of alignment. Ahh…you want more of these days. It’s all there for you every morning.

Embracing each morning as a new beginning allows you to be open to possibilities, to remind yourself what it feels like to make decisions from your heart and to acknowledge that you are exactly where you need to be.

“Embrace each morning as a new beginning” …. Pat Alva-Kraker – excerpt from Katherine’s Quest: One Woman’s Journey to Elation.  Pre-Order at https://amzn.to/2EP69O0.

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