An important strategy for new and seasoned entrepreneurs is to plan ahead, anticipate challenges, and work toward goals proactively. But what happens when the future is unknown? COVID-19 has stopped us all in our tracks, forcing many of us (51%) to work from home and putting business planning on hold. Entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide are all trying to get their footing in this new world order.


There’s still hope, however. You can plan ahead despite an uncertain future and use the current circumstances to focus on building and growing your business. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an established veteran, there are some strategies to keep you going.


Plan Ahead with What You Can


The first step is to evaluate. Many entrepreneurs have found themselves with extra time on their hands as they work from home. Although this spare time has translated, for many, into lost revenue, it still holds its value. Time is money, and it’s always worth something. As many business coaches advise, use any spare time to evaluate and improve your business. 


During this process, you can plan ahead by taking an in-depth look. Determine what needs improvement or investment, or what you can let go. Prioritize your tasks and trim the fat where you can. Then, use the time to discover what you can still do right now. There are, of course, some aspects of your business—big or small—that can still go on as scheduled. 


Focus on Marketing


Along with focusing on what you can do, use your time to concentrate on how you can promote your business. Because most of us are on our computers and working from home, we can do what we can to perfect and build upon our brands and image. Seasoned entrepreneurs know the game of marketing all too well. Marketing, whether you like it or not, can make or break your business. If you’re a new entrepreneur, a strategic PR and marketing plan is even more critical. 


Establishing a brand or perfecting what you have can help you prepare for when things are up and running. Business planning doesn’t have to stop, even in a pandemic. Enhance your website, start a blog, promote your social media sites, and create a bank of fantastic content. New entrepreneurs can start to build SEO-driven content that puts them on the map. Seasoned entrepreneurs can develop their current reputation with reviews, press releases, and collaborations with other businesses. The sky is truly the limit when you have extra time.


Plan Ahead for a New Future – Be Innovative


Sometimes, in times of crisis and change, we can’t plan ahead as we once did. COVID-19 is changing the world, and the future might be uncertain. However, the future might also be new, and you can still employ a business planning strategy that’s proactive and solutions-oriented. However, it may require some innovation and creativity. 


Will COVID-19 put businesses online? Enhance your website, make it interactive, and establish your business’s presence on the internet. Will socially-distanced social media be the key to future client and customer interaction? Join all the channels, start to build your following, and make it fun. With so many people on social media these days, it’s essential to stand out. Is there another way that your business can survive and thrive in a post-coronavirus world? Your best strategy to plan ahead with an uncertain future is to be an innovative and creative business owner

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