If there’s one thing you do more than anything else in your day; it’s make decisions. Yes, I know you have endless meetings and conversations with clients, vendors and employees. These actions are important, too. CEOs who make fast and effective decisions create for themselves better opportunities, less anxiety and lasting positive impressions on clients.

You want to stay ahead of your competition, decide quicker than they do.

As an entrepreneur, you are the sole commander of your business. Your actions and the power of your decisions, define the fate of your business and the team that supports you. Every entrepreneur should have a mentor or coach. They are a great sounding board for what’s on your mind. Ask them for advice. Chances are they have “been there – done that”. Tap into their wisdom. My coaches are priceless. They shortcut my lessons.

Even with the advice I get from my coaches, I still meditate and connect with my higher self for the answers. Your higher self is always whispering the shortest path to your dreams. It’s important to schedule quiet time and consciously listen to the whispers.

How do you get good at making quick decisions? Make more decisions until the process becomes a subconscious one. Whatever decision you make, you make good of it, because just like everything else in life, every situation can be converted to an opportunity.

Perfectionism and analysis paralysis can be serious limitations. Entrepreneurs are perfectly imperfect.

Do the homework, connect with your wisdom and decide quickly.

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