According to Kyjean Tomboc, lack of brand awareness is the root of all marketing woes.

Marketing has become an experiment for most founders. Sometimes it feels like an uphill climb. The use of content marketing to brand awareness has increased. In fact, 77% of business to business founders are using it.

Brand awareness is the foundation of brand recognition and your marketing strategy. It isn’t specifically measurable but is a key part of the collective effort needed for marketing to drive sales.

The more your ideal clients are aware of your brand’s presence, mission and values, the more you can gain their trust. When you develop a strong sense of brand awareness, you will find it easier to dominate your niche.

Your brand has to be desirably different than your competition.

How do you make them aware?

Bridget Randolph, from Moz, recommends the following three steps:

  1. Create awareness of the need/problem. Your job at this stage is to show your prospect that they have a problem or need.  They may not even know they have a problem, or they know but aren’t ready to do anything about it. You can do this through a logical or emotive message that is focused on the prospect.
  2. Demonstrate the solution to that problem. Your job is to present your solution as the best way to solve their problem. Focus on them.
  3. Selling your solution and your brand as the best version. Here, the prospect knows they have a problem. Your job is to show them that they should buy the solution from you. Link the solution with your brand.

Take one step at a time. The tendency is to do all three in one message. It won’t work.  Create meaning and an emotional feeling about your brand by guiding them with the three stages.

As you create your 2020 goals, I suggest you have a goal for branding and marketing.

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