What is the number one secret to becoming a master networker? Follow-up, follow-up and follow-up.

I had the pleasure to learn from one of the networking gurus, Dr. George Fraser, at a recent forum. The reason most people fail to follow-up is because they don’t have a system. Well, I’m removing that excuse from the table! Below is the networking system developed by Dr. Fraser.  I’ve started using it with positive results.

In this system ‘contact’ means sending a text, email, card or phone call.

  1. Contact five old friends.
  2. Contact five family members.
  3. Contact five new friends or contacts from a networking event.
  4. Contact five existing clients and don’t sell to them.
  5. Introduce five people to people they need to know.

Dr. Fraser suggests we take 20 hours of our week to nurture our network. This is a great system. If it feels overwhelming to do five in each category, start with a lesser number and work yourself up to five.

Conscious networking is key to the growth of your business. As you develop your business goals for 2020, I suggest you set a networking goal. Maybe it’s the number of events you attend a week or a month, or the number of hours devoted to nurturing your network a week. Your network equals your net worth.

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