Do you write newsletters, blog, speak live on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram? Then, you have at least a dozen opportunities to repurpose your content. I believe in creating once and repurposing often. Even if you take your content and post it on multiple sites on the same day, which I suggest, you expand your reach. Nowadays, people need to see and hear your message at least seven times before they will remember it.

Everyone has a primary way that they like to connect with their ideal client. What is yours? Is it visual, face to face, writing, or speaking? Use your primary method of communicating and then use other methods to repurpose.

Below are some ways to repurpose content:

Live content can be transcribed and used in the following ways

  1. Turn into a series of newsletters and blogs.
  2. Cut snippets of your live content and put it on your website.
  3. Create an eGuide.
  4. Develop an article and submit it to
  5. Turn into a SlideShare.
  6. Create a book.

Written content can be repurposed in the following ways:

  1. Turn in a series of short YouTube or Facebook live videos.
  2. If you have a newsletter that has a checklist in it, each step can be its own newsletter.
  3. Turn newsletter into an online course.
  4. Use material for a Podcast.
  5. Create a workshop.
  6. Create a webinar.

This is just the beginning of the possibilities. Experiment with all the different ways available to you and see what resonates with you.  Plan your content for the month and determine how you are going to repurpose it. It will save you a lot of time and give you more visibility.

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