Meditation is a key component to my morning ritual. I feel calm, centered and at peace after 10 minutes of meditating. This is one habit I encourage all my clients to add to their morning ritual. The advantages of meditation are amazing from stress reduction, increased self-awareness, mental strength and focus.

More and more women are coming to me to incorporate spiritual practices in their lives to help with their business growth. I often get asked after my talks and workshops how to get past the struggle of meditating. Many women have a perception that meditation is hard.  Meditating is about decluttering your mind so you can begin your day with a “beginner’s mind”. Many use their meditation time to learn and get insight and that is okay, too.

I decided to list some activities that are great ways to meditate outside of sitting still in silence. Try a few and let me know if they work for you.

  1. Lie down on the grass and embrace the earth. Appreciate its support. Feel its energy and vibration. Love the earth
  2. Take the first step of your day mindfully.
  3. Each time you open a door, take a few mindful breaths.
  4. When the phone rings, pause for a moment to let it ring. Listen to it. Relax before you pick it up.
  5. Your mind is like a swinging door. Thoughts and feelings come in and out, like people. Be the door, not the door-woman.
  6. Before you start the car, reflect for a moment on what you are doing and where you are going.
  7. When reading, be aware of reading.

Meditating can be done in so many different ways. Find a way that resonates with you and be consistent. Let me know which is your favorite method.

My gift is helping clients do the inner work so that the outer work takes care of itself. If you are ready to step into this space, please schedule a Strategy Call here.

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