In May, Mitch and I started building our dream home! It is being built on the property we currently live on. We get to watch all the stages of the build process daily.  This week the framers are in the house! I love watching the crew give form to our home. They arrive between 6:30 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. Our home is like grand central station. At lunch, the guys brought out the soccer ball and played for a bit. I enjoyed seeing their smiles. You could tell they were having fun.

We’ve had a few weather delays and currently we are waiting on product to arrive.

We’ve had one mishap. The concrete truck backed into one our trees and broken a limb all the way down to the core. I was in my office when it happened. I saw and heard the crack. OMG! My heart just sank. I don’t know if the tree will survive. I will be broken hearted if it doesn’t. We’ve been very mindful of the number of trees we’ve had to remove in order to make room for the house. We vowed that we would plant a replacement tree for every one removed. The tree that cracked was not in the plan. Today, the city came and cut the limb and trimmed the branches that were out to the middle of the street. Stay tuned.

I’m amazed at the teamwork required to pour the foundation and build the frame. Once the concrete trucks arrived and the concrete started pouring out of the huge hose, which was being maneuvered by the lead guy, it was all hands-on deck. I was mesmerized by the process. We had four concrete trucks lined up at any given time for a total of 20.

I look back at what has been done so far and I can connect the building of our dream home to building a dream business. My observations:

  1. Both require a detailed plan.
  2. A strong foundation is key. This is where you build from.
  3. A cohesive team is a must.
  4. Things will not be perfect.
  5. Be flexible and go with the flow.
  6. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  7. Enjoy the process.

We walk to the house every evening with our dogs, Chica and Dakota, and go through the entire house. We measure, we imagine, and we smile.

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