Can you believe the fourth quarter of the year is weeks away? I can’t believe it!

I encourage my clients to review their goals every week, review their project plans, adjust as needed to make sure they are on track. I also request that they ask themselves “what is holding me back from reaching my goals?” When we meet, we work on the obstacles and how to pick-up momentum.

Your energy has a lot to do with what gets done daily. Are you resting, eating right, and do you have the support team to help you reach the finish line? Are you aware of what drains and fuels your energy? Below is a checklist of situations that drain your energy and those that fuel. Take a moment and reflect on the checklists below. Add any items you wish to acknowledge. Check off any that apply. Your ability to reach your 2019 goals require that you be at your best.

What drains my energy:

__Finances or money challenges
__Having the right support on my team
__Managing projects or people
__Paperwork or administrative tasks
__Breakdowns or broken processes
__Figuring stuff out
__Sales or enrollment conversations
__Difficult people
__Worry, doubt or fear
__Uninspiring goals or offerings

What can you delegate, release or get support around from the above list?

What fuels my energy:

__Daily morning ritual
__Have a team
__Taking time to recharge
__Being part of a mastermind
__Speaking or training
__Getting enough sleep
__Healthy eating
__Connecting with other women
__Working with a coach

How can you bring in more of the above into your day or week?

You have four months to meet your 2019 goals. Raise your energy, connect with your heart and spirit and be led from this special place.

Are you doing the right things but not seeing the results? Schedule a free 30-minute Clarity call.

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