Mitch, my hubby, and I have been dreaming about building our dream home for a couple of years. We have spent countless hours looking at floorplans, searching through Pinterest, going to open houses and home and garden shows. We have a home design we love. Our home will be modern rustic, spacious, peaceful, warm and open to entertaining.

A month ago, we kicked off the construction process by meeting with our interior designer and project manager, whom we both love. We have made so many decisions our head is spinning. What has made it easy is that Mitch and I have the same tastes. OMG!! The interior designer, Angie, loves working with us because we know what we what and can make quick decisions.

I started to document our journey through photos and video. I’ve become very observant about the process and what I have come to realize is that there are three common elements that building a dream home, business and life share.

  1. Clarity – It’s important to be clear about what you want in a home, business or life. You must be able to see the end result and how it’s going to make you feel when you have it. We have reviewed our design many times, went through an exercise to help us connect with our feelings about our home and how we plan to age in our home.
  2. Be flexible – Things are not always going to turn out how you want them, or in the time-frame you expect them to. In our area, we have had so much rain that the construction team hasn’t been able to make daily progress. Yes, we are behind schedule due to weather. What can you do?
  3. Build on a strong foundation – Your foundation is built on your values whether it’s your home, business or life. For us, it includes our values and a very strong solid dirt foundation on which to build on. Tons of dirt have been brought in to build a strong foundation. The attached picture is me on the tons of dirt that will become the foundation of our home.

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