At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. Our success as founders is all people based. Have you ever had an experience where you met a woman as a friend that led to mentorship, opportunities and connections? This is the dream relationship!

It all begins with surrounding yourself with the right women. To do so, it means getting out of your home office and networking. Over the years, I’ve learned that there are five types of friendships that I recommend all female founders to have. Your life and business will change and so will theirs.

  1. The Experienced Entrepreneur. We all want a seat at the table. An experienced entrepreneur can support you as you work your way to the table. Her advice can be invaluable.
  2. The Passionate Protégé. I believe in giving first.  More women are opening businesses and they need our help. Be the mentor to someone. You’ll appreciate your own journey in the process.
  3. The Local Liaison. Go local! There’s nothing like having a local business friend. It’s easy to sit behind the desk and interact with everyone via email, Instant Messenger, Facebook, etc. You and I know the energy is not the same. Find someone you can meet for coffee or lunch and discuss the entrepreneurial journey.
  4. The Industry Ally.  Ever had a conversation with someone outside your industry and it feels like you’re interpreting a foreign language? As a techie, I enjoy having someone I can talk to regarding the current technology trends. It’s important to have a colleague in your industry who can keep you current and gets you.
  5. The Super Connector. You know, that friend who seems to know everyone? This gal will help you grow your network. This woman can also connect you with the decision makers and help you get a seat the table.

These empowering relationships are priceless. They serve as a foundation from which to grow your business. Take a look at your network. You may have these women right under your nose. If you don’t – start building those relationships one lunch at a time.

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