We’ve been taking a look at Scaling during the month of May.  I’ve been hearing from my clients who are grateful for the REAL conversations on what it takes to scale a business.

The success in growing your business comes from consistency and taking focused action.

So where do you start? STRATEGY, PROCESS and STRUCTURE.  When you have these three, your confidence grows.

When I work with clients, we always begin by looking at their lifestyle values. The values feed the business model. Many prescribe to building the strategy and then incorporating the lifestyle values. The disadvantage with this approach is overwhelm, burnout and dissatisfaction. You give everything to the business.

We develop the business structure in alignment with your values and then we start creating the strategy. We take a look at your processes. Then the marketing strategy follows. It is the engine. It’s about your ideal client, the value of your content, your favorite way of connecting and how you enroll your clients into your programs and/or courses.

Do you have a business model that is aligned with YOUR LIFESTYLE and a marketing STRATEGY that is bringing in the dollars?

If not, let’s talk. We will build these things together, expand your business and build your confidence.

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