I love diving into mindset. This is where scaling your business begins. Your mindset sets the tone of your day and your business. Your teams pick up on your mindset. It is contagious. It’s important to be aware of what’s happening between the ears!

Below are five mindset tips that will keep you on track to scaling your business easily and effortlessly.

  1. Keep it simple. Sometimes we tend to over complicate things. This applies to product and services launches, to creating a workflow. What I’ve learned is that I can simplify a process when I know it inside and out. It makes it easier for my virtual assistant to help me and I am able to easily communicate my services to my customers. As businesses grow and scale, the major factor that slows progress is the creeping effect of complexity.

  2. Focus on delighting your existing customers. When you delight your customers and they share that delight, your business will grow. This means anticipating their needs. They can become an extension of your sales team.

  3. Stay connected to the business. You cannot do it all and be successful. Hire people smarter than you is key. However, that doesn’t mean you step back and tune out. You have to continue to be engaged in the business.  Be aware of your environment. When you do, you’ll be able to anticipate and quickly adjust your business to meet your customer’s needs.

  4. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Many of us are in a hurry to scale the business and we tend to cut corners. Don’t do it. Allow the business to unfold on its own terms. When you take shortcuts, you make compromises. You compromise your ethics, your values, and the integrity of your business — often at the expense of the customer and your employees. In his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, entrepreneur and career analyst Dan Pink puts shortcuts into perspective, explaining how focusing too heavily on your end goal of scaling your business can impact your business.

  5. Effectively manage your time and priorities. Being able to scale your business and meet growth goals requires it. Look at the picture daily. Accomplish the three most important tasks that will move your business forward.

Which of the above would make the biggest impact in your business? Curious about what your next best step is? Schedule a Discovery call with me and let’s talk it out. Click here to schedule a free Discovery call.

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