Only 3% of women entrepreneurs are reaching $1 million in revenue. It begs the question “what are they doing differently?” I contribute their success to mindset, spiritual maturity and skillset. So, lets unravel this.


  1. Work smarter, not harder. Ask yourself “how can I do this better and with more ease?”
  2. Focus on your zone of genius. Your energy, time and focus should be on what you do best in your business. Delegate or delete other tasks.
  3. Document your processes. All marketing and operational processes should be documented, measured and adjusted accordingly.
  4. What beliefs are holding you back?  Ask your higher self for insight. We all beliefs that impact our ability to move forward. Use Theta healing or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release those beliefs.


  1. Meditate every day. Your higher self speaks to you in whispers. The answers you seek are within you. Begin to rely on yourself for the answers.  The secret is be still and pay attention.
  2. Make life and business decisions from your head, heart and intuition. Ask your intuition for a yes or a no. Ask your heart, “do you love it”?
  3. Trust that the universe has your back. The universe wants you to be abundant.


  1. Grow your understanding of finances. Do you need funding to grow? There are angel funds available for you. Search the internet for angel funds. There a quite a few organizations who offer funds.
  2. Read, listen to podcasts and attend conferences. Your must elevate your level of knowledge and apply it.
  3. Surround yourself with mentors, coaches and be a part of a mastermind. Be around other women who are experiencing the success you want.

I believe that the vision that you have for your big business has to be in alignment with your personal and business growth and spiritual maturity. If they are not in alignment, you will get stuck at a certain point in your efforts to scale your business.

Decide to be a part of the 3% of women founders making a million.

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