As an entrepreneur, you work long hours and dedicate your life to getting your business on the right trajectory. When things align in your business, success happens.  How do you know when its time to scale your business?

There is no magic formula that tells you when it’s time to scale your business and there are some obvious signs it’s time.

Signs it’s time to scale your business:

  1. You’re turning down opportunities. Your customer base is key to your success. Your expansion relies on them. In time, success will start to show through your ability to take on more clients. Good problem to have. Time to revisit your infrastructure.
  2. You’re surpassing previous goals. One day you’ll realize your yearly goals were easily attainable. Your goals should be a challenge but reachable. Think bigger, look at your processes, tools and team size.
  3. Strong cash flow is business as usual. Although, it’s not enough to justify expansion. Do you have a strong understanding of your business model? If you do, you can accurately forecast. You work towards the best and plan for the worst. If the difference between the two is narrow, you’re in a good place and should scale.

Richard Branson says ““Focus on your passion, start small, dream big, and plan ahead. Scale up only when you are ready—not just because opportunity knocks.”

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