As of April 29th, my husband, Mitch, and I will be living in my cozy little home on Lake Worth, TX, where my front yard is a lovely quiet park and my backyard is Lake Worth.  I’ve been living in suburbia in my husband’s Irving home for the past four years. This month has been all about decluttering, purging, letting go, packing and reliving past memories. It’s been an emotional roller coaster.

I could see through my books, course material, journals and clothing how I have evolved. I saw the path of evolution as clear as day.  I felt so much gratitude for the teachers and coaches I’ve had along the way that have been guides by my side through this evolution. I appreciate how I have stepped fully into who I am and the impact of doing so. I am more confident; I know what matters and I do what I love.  I live a heart centered life and rely on my head, heart and intuitive connection to make decisions. And I saw all of this through my packing experience. This journey could have been a movie!

I’ve learned three big lessons through this journey:

  1. Look at all your expenditures of energy, time and money through the eyes of your return on investment (ROI).  I belong to several organizations in Dallas. My decisions on whether I will continue to belong to these organizations is based on my ROI. Some easily fell off the renewal list.
  2. Maximize your time and energy. I will continue to drive to Dallas. My network, friends and opportunities are there. I now ask myself how do I maximize my time in Dallas? I will group activities every chance I get.  I signed up with We Work so I have a Hot Desk when I need one.
  3. What do you really want versus what do you really need? I’m moving from a 2500 ft. home to a 1200 ft. home. Yikes! Mitch and I were daily confronted with what do we need at the lake house versus what do we want, because we have little room for “wants”.

Every journey has its set of lessons and aha’s. I have had a lot of them this past month.

Which of these lessons resonated with you and why?

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