Do you think you’re running a tech company? Maybe, maybe not. There is a difference. 

A tech company provides software and IT solutions to companies. For example, Adobe offers creative, marketing and document management solutions. Your company may use Adobe products to create documents that you send to your clients. This makes you a tech-enabled company.

More and more small businesses are becoming tech-enabled.  Entrepreneur magazine reported that 37% of CEOs prioritized investments in tech to help with client engagement, 32% prioritized digital marketing and 28% categorized business analytics as a top investment priority.

Tech-enabled companies leverage the internet, social media and mobile devices. These businesses are thriving. If you’re a tech-enabled company, embrace it. What’s important to understand is that tech doesn’t create results…people do.

The questions to ask are:

  1. Is the tech used in my company improving the business?
  2. Have I vetted multiple technologies for the same solution?
  3. Is the technology I’m using aligned with my core products and values?

Technology…Use it. Value it. Make it yours. Don’t give it a seat at your board of director’s table.

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