Trust in the life cycles within.

Deep within all of us is a powerful force that cannot be tamed.  It is our connection with the life force. We feel it in our bones, belly and heart.  When I tune into this life force I can readily sense when its time to rest, create, take a risk, act, play or connect with others.

You know that you march to the beat of your own drum. No one else can tell you what your inner rhythms are. You know your timing. You cannot be rushed or forced, nor can you be held back when it’s time to leap.

When it comes to your business, you cannot miss what you are destined for, nor will you gain by trying to push yourself. Trust in your own rhythms and cycles and you will feel the perfect balance between effort and surrender, discipline and letting go.

Listen to the rhythms that guide you to rest, play, create and act. Release any unhealthy attachment to the structures, routines and belief systems of others.

Follow your own rhythm.

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