In 2018, I felt that my whole life revolved around work. I worked late nights and sometimes on the weekends.

Most entrepreneurs work between 9-10 hours a day and the majority of their weekends. Yikes! That doesn’t sound like freedom to me, which is the reason most women become entrepreneurs.

Ladies, we need to fine tune how we spend our time, reduce the stress and give ourselves the time we need to do what’s important.

Speaking of importance—start by identifying what is a priority.  For me, it’s spend time with my family and investing in myself and my relationships. I make sure I enjoy dinner with Mitch at night, plan weekly lunches with friends, and trips to El Paso to visit my dad.  I work four days a week.

I’m consistently streamlining my business. My VA and I create processes for repetitive work, set deadlines and meet weekly. We implement easy to use and free software.

I review my goals and take action. 5,4,3,2,1…go! I look at the bigger picture of my personal and business goals daily.

The key questions I ask myself are:

  • What is the best use of my time right now?
  • Will this effort or action get me closer to my goal?
  • Who can I run this idea by and get some feedback?

What advice can you pass on to other women entrepreneurs for maximizing their time to achieve work-life harmony?

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