Have you been swept up in THINKING things through?
Have you gotten stuck in the logic of the decision-making process.
Are you looking for the perfect answer?

Guess what… you don’t have to be perfect. As you think through your options, one of the choices will be more heart honoring than others. At the time you make your decision you really only have your internal compass, or intuition to rely upon. You may call upon others for advice, but at the end of the day the decision is yours to make. Make a decision on how you feel right now and go from there. Just making a choice will set things in motion. You can adjust along the way.

You could decide to take a different approach to something in your life. Be open to what makes you feel uncomfortable but could be interesting and exciting. Open up to the creative magic of life and don’t worry about the how. Just know that it will work out perfectly.

Simply take an action from your heart.

Are you doing the right things but not seeing the results?
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