If you want to become known as an influencer, spend the time and energy becoming a big fish in a small pond. Your pond is your niche. The narrower the pond the better.  When I decided to expand my audience to women entrepreneurs, I knew this niche was too wide.  I spent time analyzing my knowledge base. I tried on different areas of expertise and finally aligned with women entrepreneurs in the IT industry. This is where you start.

It’s important that you provide value to your ideal clients. Your value or content should be associated with their pains or problems. I like to select a theme for each month. If you are hosting an event or launching a new product or offering, you could consider topics related to your launch. Build a plan.

Now, pick two-four social media channels. Select the channels that resonate with you. If you like to write, post. If you like video, do Facebook Live or YouTube. If you’re visual, use Instagram. Don’t do them all. The key is to be consistent. Just start. Do what works for you.

Build your community. Join groups, forums, fan pages associated with your industry. Engage your audience.

Positioning yourself as an influencer takes time. Be patient.

Know that becoming a social media influencer in your niche is not the end all. Instead, its’ a stepping stone to greater opportunities.

Share with me where you’re showing up so I can follow you.

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