Have you reached the point where you can’t try any harder? Here’s how it goes — “more of the same” usually just gives you more of the same. How do you know you’ve reached that point? For me, my spirit flags and I feel I’m stretched to the limit. I can’t give anymore and I reach burnout. It’s the “5 more minutes” thing. Sounds familiar?

Get ruthless about trying something different. If you’re pushing upstream, try going with the flow. Ask yourself “what would it take for it to be easier?”

Typically, when you get stuck or level off in your business you tend to go back and do what you do best. Sometimes, that’s the worst thing you can do. It’s familiar and it has worked in the past. What I’ve learned is what got me here won’t get me there. So, leveling up is the choice. A good question to ask at this point is “what would I have to change here – and can I change it?”

To make that quantum jump, you have to break out of the rut. I have learned that it is about the questions we ask ourselves. One of my favorites is “what does the business require of me today?” It leaves me open to possibilities and creativity. I don’t have to have all the answers – imagine that!

Take one of these questions and use it for a week.


I am glowing:

“The Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas is proud to announce our 2018 Madrina Award Honoree Pat Alva-Kraker. The Madrina Awards recognize individuals that have been dedicated to HWNT through their unconditional support of the mission of Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas. Recognized recipients have come from all over the state of Texas and have supported the organization either behind the scenes, unselfishly, using their own resources and/or providing HWNT with ideas, contributions or networks that believe in the mission of HWNT. Pat Alva Kraker above and beyond exemplifies these standards and we are proud to celebrate her accomplishments.

Pat Alva Kraker will be honored on Friday, September 28, 2018 on the opening day of the 32nd Annual HWNT State Conference celebrating “El Poder de La Mujer” held at the Austin Marriott South beginning at 6:00pm. Table Registration and Individual Tickets may be purchased online.” Click here to purchase.

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